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Article de revue scientifique

Doucerain, Marina M.; Ryder, Andrew G. et Amiot, Catherine E. (2021). « What Are Friends for in Russia Versus Canada?: An Approach for Documenting Cross-Cultural Differences ». Cross-Cultural Research, pp. 1-28.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Amiot, Catherine E. et Ryder, Andrew G. (2021). « Balancing out bonding and bridging capital: Social network correlates of multicultural identity configurations among Russian migrants to Canada ». Self and Identity.

Testa, Silvia; Doucerain, Marina M.; Miglietta, Anna; Jurcik, Tomas; Ryder, Andrew G. et Gattino, Silvia (2019). « The Vancouver Index of Acculturation (VIA): New evidence on dimensionality and measurement invariance across two cultural settings ». International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 71, pp. 60-71.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Benkirane, Sarah; Ryder, Andrew G. et Amiot, Catherine E. (2018). « Being a droog vs. being a friend: A qualitative investigation of friendship models in Russia vs. Canada ». Russian Psychological Journal, 15(2/1), pp. 19-37.

Amiot, Catherine E.; Doucerain, Marina M.; Zhou, Biru et Ryder, Andrew G. (2018). « Cultural identity dynamics: Capturing changes in cultural identities over time and their intraindividual organization ». European Journal of Social Psychology, 48(5), pp. 629-644.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Deschênes, Sonya S.; Gouin, Jean-Philippe; Amiot, Catherine E. et Ryder, Andrew G. (2017). « Initial Mainstream Cultural Orientations Predict Early Social Participation in the Mainstream Cultural Group ». Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43(2), pp. 245-258.

Segalowitz, Norman S.; Doucerain, Marina M.; Meuter, Renata F. I.; Zhao, Yue; Hocking, Julia et Ryder, Andrew G. (2016). « Comprehending Adverbs of Doubt and Certainty in Health Communication: A Multidimensional Scaling Approach ». Frontiers in Psychology, 7.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Deschênes, Sonya S.; Aubé, Karine; Ryder, Andrew G. et Gouin, Jean-Philippe (2016). « Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Is Prospectively Associated With Early Trajectories of Acculturation Among New International Students ». Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(3), pp. 421-440.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Varnaamkhaasti, Raheleh S.; Segalowitz, Norman et Ryder, Andrew G. (2015). « Second language social networks and communication-related acculturative stress: the role of interconnectedness ». Frontiers in Psychology, 6.

Doucerain, Marina; Dere, Jessica et Ryder, Andrew G. (2013). « Travels in hyper-diversity: Multiculturalism and the contextual assessment of acculturation ». International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 37(6), pp. 686-699.

Chapitre de livre

Doucerain, Marina M.; Segalowitz, Norman et Ryder, Andrew G. (2016). « Acculturation Measurement: From Simple Proxies to Sophisticated Toolkit », dans The Oxford Handbook of Acculturation and Health, sous la dir. de Schwartz, Seth J. et Unger, Jennifer. Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Vargas, Sylvanna M. et Ryder, Andrew G. (2016). « Mixed-methods research: Integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches to the psychological study of culture », dans Cultural, racial, and ethnic psychology book series. Evidence-based psychological practice with ethnic minorities: Culturally informed research and clinical strategies, sous la dir. de Zane, N.; Bernal, G. et Leong, F. T. L.. Washington, D.C., American Psychological Association, pp. 147-167.

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