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Bonnamour, Grégoire; Soret, Rodolphe et Pilon, Nicolas (2020). « Dhh‐expressing Schwann cell precursors contribute to skin and cochlear melanocytes, but not to vestibular melanocytes ». Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research, pp. 1-7.

Cardinal, Tatiana; Bergeron, Karl-Frédérik; Soret, Rodolphe; Souchkova, Ouliana; Faure, Christophe; Guillon, Amélina et Pilon, Nicolas (2020). « Male-biased aganglionic megacolon in the TashT mouse model of Hirschsprung disease involves upregulation of p53 protein activity and Ddx3y gene expression ». PLOS Genetics, 16(9), e1009008.

Soret, Rodolphe; Schneider, Sabine; Bernas, Guillaume; Christophers, Briana; Souchkova, Ouliana; Charrier, Baptiste; Righini-Grunder, Franziska; Aspirot, Ann; Landry, Mathieu; Kembel, Steven W.; Faure, Christophe; Heuckeroth, Robert O. et Pilon, Nicolas (2020). « Glial Cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor Induces Enteric Neurogenesis and Improves Colon Structure and Function in Mouse Models of Hirschsprung Disease ». Gastroenterology.

Touré, Aboubacrine Mahamane; Landry, Mathieu; Souchkova, Ouliana; Kembel, Steven W. et Pilon, Nicolas (2019). « Gut microbiota-mediated Gene-Environment interaction in the TashT mouse model of Hirschsprung disease ». Scientific Reports, 9(1), p. 492.

Bérubé-Simard, Félix-Antoine et Pilon, Nicolas (2018). « Molecular dissection of CHARGE syndrome highlights the vulnerability of neural crest cells to problems with alternative splicing and other transcription-related processes ». Transcription, pp. 1-8.

Bélanger, Catherine; Bérubé-Simard, Félix-Antoine; Leduc, Elizabeth; Bernas, Guillaume; Campeau, Philippe M.; Lalani, Seema R.; Martin, Donna M.; Bielas, Stephanie; Moccia, Amanda; Srivastava, Anshika; Silversides, David W. et Pilon, Nicolas (2018). « Dysregulation of cotranscriptional alternative splicing underlies CHARGE syndrome ». Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(4), E620-E629.

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Soret, Rodolphe et Pilon, Nicolas (2016). « Analysis of Enteric Neural Crest Cell Migration Using Heterotopic Grafts of Embryonic Guts ». BIO-PROTOCOL, 6(17).

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Pilon, Nicolas (2016). « Pigmentation-based insertional mutagenesis is a simple and potent screening approach for identifying neurocristopathy-associated genes in mice ». Rare Diseases, 4(1), e1156287.

Bergeron, Karl-F.; Nguyen, Chloé M. A.; Cardinal, Tatiana; Charrier, Baptiste; Silversides, David W. et Pilon, Nicolas (2016). « Upregulation of the Nr2f1-A830082K12Rik gene pair in murine neural crest cells results in a complex phenotype reminiscent of Waardenburg syndrome type 4 ». Disease Models & Mechanisms, 9(11), pp. 1283-1293.

Sanchez-Ferras, Oraly; Bernas, Guillaume; Farnos, Omar; Touré, Aboubacrine M.; Souchkova, Ouliana et Pilon, Nicolas (2016). « A direct role for murine Cdx proteins in the trunk neural crest gene regulatory network ». Development, 143(8), pp. 1363-1374.

Bergeron, Karl-F.; Cardinal, Tatiana; Touré, Aboubacrine M.; Béland, Mélanie; Raiwet, Diana L.; Silversides, David W. et Pilon, Nicolas (2015). « Male-Biased Aganglionic Megacolon in the TashT Mouse Line Due to Perturbation of Silencer Elements in a Large Gene Desert of Chromosome 10 ». PLOS Genetics, 11(3), e1005093.

Soret, Rodolphe; Mennetrey, Mathilde; Bergeron, Karl F.; Dariel, Anne; Neunlist, Michel; Grunder, Franziska; Faure, Christophe; Silversides, David W. et Pilon, Nicolas (2015). « A collagen VI–dependent pathogenic mechanism for Hirschsprung’s disease ». Journal of Clinical Investigation, 125(12), pp. 4483-4496.

Sanchez-Ferras, Oraly; Bernas, Guillaume; Laberge-Perrault, Emilie et Pilon, Nicolas (2014). « Induction and dorsal restriction of Paired-box 3 (Pax3) gene expression in the caudal neuroectoderm is mediated by integration of multiple pathways on a short neural crest enhancer ». Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1839(7), pp. 546-558.

Coutaud, Baptiste et Pilon, Nicolas (2013). « Characterization of a novel transgenic mouse line expressing Cre recombinase under the control of the Cdx2 neural specific enhancer ». Genesis, 51(11), pp. 777-784.

Bergeron, Karl-Frederik; Cardinal, Tatiana et Pilon, Nicolas (2013). « A Quantitative Cell Migration Assay for Murine Enteric Neural Progenitors ». Journal of Visualized Experiments(79), e50709.

Sanchez-Ferras, Oraly; Coutaud, Baptiste; Samani, Taraneh Djavanbakht; Tremblay, Isabelle; Souchkova, Ouliana et Pilon, Nicolas (2012). « Caudal-related Homeobox (Cdx) Protein-dependent Integration of Canonical Wnt Signaling on Paired-box 3 (Pax3) Neural Crest Enhancer ». Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(20), pp. 16623-16635.

Silversides, David W.; Raiwet, Diana L.; Souchkova, Ouliana; Viger, Robert S. et Pilon, Nicolas (2012). « Transgenic mouse analysis of Sry expression during the pre- and peri-implantation stage ». Developmental Dynamics, 241(7), pp. 1192-1204.

Boulende Sab, Alain; Bouchard, Marie-France; Béland, Mélanie; Prud'homme, Bruno; Souchkova, Ouliana; Viger, Robert S. et Pilon, Nicolas (2011). « An Ebox Element in the Proximal Gata4 Promoter Is Required for Gata4 Expression In Vivo ». PLoS ONE, 6(12), e29038.

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