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Brochard, Crystal; Jébrak, Michel et De Souza, Stéphane (2023). « Deformation and paleopiezometry of auriferous quartz veins in Archean orogenic gold deposits of the Abitibi greenstone belt ». Journal of Structural Geology, 177, p. 104986.

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Guiraud, James; Tremblay, Alain; Jébrak, Michel; Ross, Pierre-Simon et Lefrançois, Rock (2020). « Stratigraphic setting and timing of the Montagne d’Or deposit, a unique Rhyacian Au-rich VMS deposit of the Guiana Shield, French Guiana ». Precambrian Research, 337(105551).

Daver, Lucille; Jébrak, Michel; Beaudoin, Georges et Trumbull, Robert B. (2020). « Three-stage formation of greenstone-hosted orogenic gold deposits in the Val-d’Or mining district, Abitibi, Canada: Evidence from pyrite and tourmaline ». Ore Geology Reviews, 120(103449).

El Arbaoui, Amel; Bouabdellah, Mohammed; Wafik, Amina; Klûgel, Andreas; Jébrak, Michel; Castorina, Francesca; Lowry, Dave; Lecumberri-Sanchez, Pilar; Essaifi, Abderrahim et Maacha, Lhou (2019). « The Roc Blanc orogenic Pb-Zn-Ag-Au deposit (Morocco): a product of metamorphic dehydration and CO2 devolatilization during exhumation of the Variscan Jebilet massif ». Mineralium Deposita, 54, pp. 437-458.

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Fayol, Noémie et Jébrak, Michel (2017). « Archean Sanukitoid Gold Porphyry Deposits: A New Understanding and Genetic Model from the Lac Bachelor Gold Deposit, Abitibi, Canada ». Economic Geology, 112, pp. 1913-1936.

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Mambwe, Pascal; Milan, Luke; Batuke, Jacques; Lavoie, Sébastien; Jébrak, Michel; Kipata, Louis; Chabu, Mumba; Mulongo, Sonya; Lubala, Toto; Delvaux, Damien et Muchez, Philippe (2017). « Lithology, petrography and Cu occurrence of the Neoproterozoic glacial Mwale Formation at the Shanika syncline (Tenke Fungurume, Congo Copperbelt; Democratic Republic of Congo) ». Journal of African Earth Sciences, 129, pp. 898-909.

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Bouabdellah, Mohammed; Maacha, Lhou; Jébrak, Michel et Zouhair, Mohammed (2016). « Re/Os Age Determination, Lead and Sulphur Isotope Constraints on the Origin of the Bouskour Cu–Pb–Zn Vein-Type Deposit (Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) and Its Relationship to Neoproterozoic Granitic Magmatism », dans Mineral Deposits of North Africa, sous la dir. de Bouabdellah, Mohamed et Slack, John F.. Switzerland, Springer International Pub., coll. «Mineral Resource Reviews », pp. 277-290.

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Matton, Guillaume; Jébrak, Michel et Lee, James K W (2005). « Resolving the Richat enigma: Doming and hydrothermal karstification above an alkaline complex ». Geology, 33(8), pp. 665-668.

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