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année 2005

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Angers, Viriginie Arielle; Messier, Christian; Beaudet, Marilou et Leduc, Alain (2005). « Comparing composition and structure in old-growth and harvested (selection and diameter-limit cuts) northern hardwood stands in Quebec ». Forest Ecology and Management, 217, pp. 275-293.

Aubin, Isabelle; Messier, Christian et Kneeshaw, Daniel (2005). « Population structure and growth acclimation of mountain maple along a successional gradient in the southern boreal forest ». Écoscience, 12, pp. 540-548.


Claveau, Yves; Messier, Christian et Comeau, Philip G. (2005). « Interacting influence of light and size on aboveground biomass distribution in sub-boreal conifer sapling with contrasting shade tolerance ». Tree physiology, 25, pp. 373-384.


Gaucher, Catherine; Gougeon, Sébastien; Mauffette, Yves et Messier, Christian (2005). « Seasonal variation in biomass and carbohydrate partitioning of understory sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis) seedlings ». Tree physiology, 25, pp. 93-100.


Stadt, Kenneth J.; Lieffers, Victor J.; Hall, Ronald J. et Messier, Christian (2005). « Spatially explicit modeling of PAR transmission and growth of Picea glauca and Abies balsamea in the boreal forests of Alberta and Quebec ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 35, pp. 1-12.


Tremblay, M.; Messier, C. et Marceau, D.J. (2005). « Analysis of deciduous tree species dynamics after a severe ice storm using SORTIE model simulations ». Ecological modelling, 187, pp. 297-313.

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