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Barbecot, Florent; Guillon, Sophie; Pili, Eric; Larocque, Marie; Gibert-Brunet, Elisabeth; Hélie, Jean-François; Noret, Aurélie; Plain, Caroline; Schneider, Vincent; Mattei, Alexandra et Meyzonnat, Guillaume (2018). « Using Water Stable Isotopes in the Unsaturated Zone to Quantify Recharge in Two Contrasted Infiltration Regimes ». Vadose Zone Journal, 17(1).

Bourgault, Marc-André; Larocque, Marie; Garneau, Michelle et Roux, Marjolaine (2018). « Quantifying peat hydrodynamic properties and their influence on water table depths in peatlands of southern Quebec (Canada) ». Ecohydrology, 11(7), e1976.


Darbyshire, Fiona A; Dahl-Jensen, Trine; Larsen, Tine B; Voss, Peter H et Joyal, Guillaume (2018). « Crust and uppermost-mantle structure of Greenland and the Northwest Atlantic from Rayleigh wave group velocity tomography ». Geophysical Journal International, 212(3), pp. 1546-1569.

de Vernal, Anne; Eynaud, Frédérique; Henry, Maryse; Limoges, Audrey; Londeix, Laurent; Matthiessen, Jens; Marret, Fabienne; Pospelova, Vera; Radi, Taoufik; Rochon, André; Van Nieuwenhove, Nicolas et Zaragosi, Sébastien (2018). « Distribution and (palaeo)ecological affinities of the main Spiniferites taxa in the mid-high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere ». Palynology, 42(sup1), pp. 182-202.


Gagné, Sylvain; Larocque, Marie; Pinti, Daniele L.; Saby, Marion; Meyzonnat, Guillaume et Méjean, Pauline (2018). « Benefits and limitations of using isotope-derived groundwater travel times and major ion chemistry to validate a regional groundwater flow model: example from the Centre-du-Québec region, Canada ». Canadian Water Resources Journal / Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques, 43(2), pp. 195-213.


Larocque, Marie; Cloutier, Vincent; Levison, Jana et Rosa, Éric (2018). « Preface to the special issue: Result from the Quebec Groundwater Knowledge Acquisition Program ». Canadian Water Resources Journal, 43(2), pp. 69-74.

Liddell, Mitch V.; Bastow, Ian; Rawlinson, Nicholas; Darbyshire, Fiona; Gilligan, Amy et Watson, Emma (2018). « Precambrian Plate Tectonics in Northern Hudson Bay: Evidence From P and S Wave Seismic Tomography and Analysis of Source Side Effects in Relative Arrival-Time Data Sets ». Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123(7), pp. 5690-5709.


Magnan, Gabriel; van Bellen, Simon; Davies, Lauren; Froese, Duane; Garneau, Michelle; Mullan-Boudreau, Gillian; Zaccone, Claudio et Shotyk, William (2018). « Impact of the Little Ice Age cooling and 20th century climate change on peatland vegetation dynamics in central and northern Alberta using a multi-proxy approach and high-resolution peat chronologies ». Quaternary Science Reviews, 185, pp. 230-243.


Paaza, Namira El Amrani; Larocque, Marie et Herrera, José Benavente (2018). « Modèle conceptuel de circulation hydrogéologique au niveau de l’aquifère plioquaternaire de Settat (Maroc) : étude hydrogéochimique ». Revue des sciences de l’eau, 31(4), pp. 401-414.

Ponsin, Violaine; Buscheck, Timothy E. et Hunkeler, Daniel (2018). « How to Apply Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis to Complex Environmental Samples ». CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 72(1), p. 69.


Rosa, Eric; Dallaire, Pierre-Luc; Nadeau, Simon; Cloutier, Vincent; Veillette, Jean; van Bellen, Simon et Larocque, Marie (2018). « A graphical approach for documenting peatland hydrodiversity and orienting land management strategies ». Hydrological Processes, 32(7), pp. 873-890.


Torrentó, Clara; Prasuhn, Volker; Spiess, Ernst; Ponsin, Violaine; Melsbach, Aileen; Lihl, Christina; Glauser, Gaétan; Hofstetter, Thomas B.; Elsner, Martin et Hunkeler, Daniel (2018). « Adsorbing vs. Nonadsorbing Tracers for Assessing Pesticide Transport in Arable Soils ». Vadose Zone Journal, 17(1).

Turgeon, Félix; Larocque, Marie; Meyzonnat, Guillaume; Dorner, Sarah et Bourgault, Marc-André (2018). « Examining the challenges of simulating surface water–groundwater interactions in a post-glacial environment ». Canadian Water Resources Journal / Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques, 43(2), pp. 262-280.


van Bellen, Simon; Garneau, Michelle; Baird, Andy; Bourgault, Marc-André et Quillet, Anne (2018). « Exploring pathways to late Holocene increased surface wetness in subarctic peatlands of eastern Canada ». Quaternary Research, 90(1), pp. 83-95.

van Bellen, Simon; Magnan, Gabriel; Davies, Lauren; Froese, Duane; Mullan-Boudreau, Gillian; Zaccone, Claudio; Garneau, Michelle et Shotyk, William (2018). « Testate amoeba records indicate regional 20th-century lowering of water tables in ombrotrophic peatlands in central-northern Alberta, Canada ». Global Change Biology, 24(7), pp. 2758-2774.


Zaporozan, T. et et al., . (2018). « Surface-Wave Images of Western Canada: Lithospheric Variations Across the Cordillera/Craton Boundary ». Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 55, pp. 887-896.

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