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Berthot, Laureline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Larocque, Marie; Gagné, Sylvain; Ferlatte, Miryane et Cloutier, Vincent (2016). « Exploring 222Rn as a tool for tracing groundwater inflows from eskers and moraines into slope peatlands of the Amos region of Quebec, Canada ». Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 164, pp. 344-353.

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Pellerin, Stéphanie; Lavoie, Martin; Boucheny, Arnaud; Larocque, Marie et Garneau, Michelle (2016). « Recent Vegetation Dynamics and Hydrological Changes in Bogs Located in an Agricultural Landscape ». Wetlands, 36(1), pp. 159-168.

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Shotyk, William; Appleby, Peter G.; Bicalho, Beatriz; Davies, Lauren; Froese, Duane; Grant-Weaver, Iain; Krachler, Michael; Magnan, Gabriel; Mullan-Boudreau, Gillian; Noernberg, Tommy; Pelletier, Rick; Shannon, Bob; van Bellen, Simon et Zaccone, Claudio (2016). « Peat bogs in northern Alberta, Canada reveal decades of declining atmospheric Pb contamination ». Geophysical Research Letters, 43(18), pp. 9964-9974.


Zhang, Hao; van der Lee, Suzan; Wolin, Emily; Bollmann, Trevor A.; Revenaugh, Justin; Wiens, Douglas A.; Frederiksen, Andrew W.; Darbyshire, Fiona A.; Aleqabi, Ghassan I.; Wysession, Michael E.; Stein, Seth et Jurdy, Donna M. (2016). « Distinct crustal structure of the North American Midcontinent Rift from P wave receiver functions ». Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 121(11), pp. 8136-8153.

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