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Geib, Timon; Moghaddam, Ghazaleh; Supinski, Aimee; Golizeh, Makan et Sleno, Lekha (2021). « Protein Targets of Acetaminophen Covalent Binding in Rat and Mouse Liver Studied by LC-MS/MS ». Frontiers in Chemistry.

Prinville, Vivaldy; Ohlund, Leanne et Sleno, Lekha (2020). « Targeted Analysis of 46 Bile Acids to Study the Effect of Acetaminophen in Rat by LC-MS/MS ». Metabolites, 10(1), p. 26.

Ousji, Ons et Sleno, Lekha (2020). « Identification of In Vitro Metabolites of Synthetic Phenolic Antioxidants BHT, BHA, and TBHQ by LC-HRMS/MS ». Int. J. Mol. Sci., 21, pp. 9525-9537.

Geib, Timon; Lento, Cristina; Wilson, Derek J. et Sleno, Lekha (2019). « Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Acetaminophen Covalent Binding to Glutathione S-Transferases ». Frontiers in Chemistry, 7.

Golizeh, Makan; Schneider, Christina; Ohlund, Leanne et Sleno, Lekha (2015). « Multidimensional LC–MS/MS analysis of liverproteins in rat, mouse and human microsomaland S9 fractions ». EuPA Open Proteomics, 6, pp. 16-27.

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