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Article de revue scientifique

Kuss, Christian; Trinh, Ngoc Duc; Andjelic, Stefan; Saulnier, Mathieu; Dufresne, Eric M.; Liang, Guoxian et Schougaard, Steen B. (2017). « Structural Transformation of LiFePO4 during Ultrafast Delithiation ». The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8(24), pp. 6160-6164.

Saulnier, Mathieu; Trudeau, Charles; Cloutier, Sylvain G. et Schougaard, Steen B. (2017). « Investigation of CVD multilayered graphene as negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries ». Electrochimica Acta, 244, pp. 54-60.

Snowden, Michael E.; Dayeh, Malak; Payne, Nicholas A.; Gervais, Simon; Mauzeroll, Janine et Schougaard, Steen B. (2016). « Measurement on isolated lithium iron phosphate particles reveals heterogeneity in material properties distribution ». Journal of Power Sources, 325, pp. 682-689.

Cornut, Renaud; Lepage, David et Schougaard, Steen B. (2015). « Interpreting Lithium Batteries Discharge Curves for Easy Identification of the Origin of Performance Limitations ». Electrochimica Acta, 162, pp. 271-274.

Kuss, Christian; Lepage, David; Liang, Guoxian et Schougaard, Steen B. (2013). « Ultrafast charging of LiFePO4 with gaseous oxidants under ambient conditions ». Chemical Science, 4(11), pp. 4223-4227.

Kuss, Christian; Liang, Guoxian et Schougaard, Steen B. (2012). « Atomistic modeling of site exchange defects in lithium iron phosphate and iron phosphate ». Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22(47), pp. 24889-24893.

Trinh, Ngoc Duc; Liang, Guoxian; Gauthier, Michel et Schougaard, Steen B. (2012). « A rapid solution method to determine the charge capacity of LiFePO4 ». Journal of Power Sources, 200, pp. 92-97.

Lepage, David; Michot, Christophe; Liang, Guoxian; Gauthier, Michel et Schougaard, Steen B. (2011). « A Soft Chemistry Approach to Coating of LiFePO4 with a Conducting Polymer ». Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50(30), pp. 6884-6887.

Communication, article de congrès ou colloque

Trinh, Ngoc Duc; Crosnier, Olivier; Schougaard, Steen B. et Brousse, Thierry (2011). « Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Studies of Active Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries » (The 219th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Montréal, Canada, 2-6 Mai 2011) pp. 91-98. ISSN 19385862

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