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Pinti, Daniele Luigi; Larocque, Marie; Méjean, Pauline; Saby, Marion; Hernández-Hernández, Mario Alberto; Gagné, Sylvain; Roulleau, Emilie; Sano, Yuji; Castro, Maria Clara; Matsumoto, Takuya et Horoi, Viorel (2022). « Regional-Scale Distribution of Helium Isotopes in Aquifers: How Informative Are They as Groundwater Tracers and Chronometers? ». Water, 14(121940).

Méjean, Pauline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Kagoshima, Takanori; Roulleau, Emilie; Demarets, Laura; Poirier, André; Takahata, Naoto; Sano, Yuji et Larocque, Marie (2020). « Mantle helium in Southern Quebec groundwater: A possible fossil record of the New England hotspot ». Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 545, p. 116352.

Saby, Marion; Larocque, Marie; Pinti, Daniele L.; Barbecot, Florent; Sano, Yuji et Castro, Maria Clara (2016). « Linking groundwater quality to residence times and regional geology in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, southern Quebec, Canada ». Applied Geochemistry, 65, pp. 1-13.

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