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Saby, Marion; van Hinsberg, Vincent; Pinti, Daniele L.; Berlo, Kim; Gautason, Bjarni; Sigurðardóttir, Ásgerður; Brown, Kevin et Rocher, Océane (2022). « The behaviour of metals in deep fluids of NE Iceland ». Scientific Reports, 12(1).

Meyzonnat, Guillaume; Barbecot, Florent; Corcho, Alvarado; Pinti, Daniele L.; Lauzon, Jean-Marc et McCormack, Renald (2021). « Depth-sequential investigation of major ions, δ18O, δ2H and δ13C in fractured aquifers of the St. Lawrence Lowlands using passive samplers. ». Water.

Méjean, Pauline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Kagoshima, Takanori; Roulleau, Emilie; Demarets, Laura; Poirier, André; Takahata, Naoto; Sano, Yuji et Larocque, Marie (2020). « Mantle helium in Southern Quebec groundwater: A possible fossil record of the New England hotspot ». Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 545, p. 116352.

Pinti, Daniele L.; Shouakar-Stash, Orfan; Clara Castro, M.; Lopez-Hernández, Aida; Hall, Chris M.; Rocher, Océane; Shibata, Tomo et Ramírez-Montes, Miguel (2020). « The bromine and chlorine isotopic composition of the mantle as revealed by deep geothermal fluids ». Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 276, pp. 14-30.

Gagné, Sylvain; Larocque, Marie; Pinti, Daniele L.; Saby, Marion; Meyzonnat, Guillaume et Méjean, Pauline (2018). « Benefits and limitations of using isotope-derived groundwater travel times and major ion chemistry to validate a regional groundwater flow model: example from the Centre-du-Québec region, Canada ». Canadian Water Resources Journal / Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques, 43(2), pp. 195-213.

Méjean, Pauline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Ghaleb, Bassam et Larocque, Marie (2017). « Fracturing-induced release of radiogenic 4 He and 234 U into groundwater during the last deglaciation: An alternative source to crustal helium fluxes in periglacial aquifers ». Water Resources Research, 53(7), pp. 5677-5689.

Saby, Marion; Larocque, Marie; Pinti, Daniele L.; Barbecot, Florent; Gagné, Sylvain; Barnetche, Diogo et Cabana, Hubert (2017). « Regional assessment of concentrations and sources of pharmaceutically active compounds, pesticides, nitrate, and E. coli in post-glacial aquifer environments (Canada) ». Science of The Total Environment, 579, pp. 557-568.

Berthot, Laureline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Larocque, Marie; Gagné, Sylvain; Ferlatte, Miryane et Cloutier, Vincent (2016). « Exploring 222Rn as a tool for tracing groundwater inflows from eskers and moraines into slope peatlands of the Amos region of Quebec, Canada ». Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 164, pp. 344-353.

Méjean, Pauline; Pinti, Daniele L.; Larocque, Marie; Ghaleb, Bassam; Meyzonnat, Guillaume et Gagné, Sylvain (2016). « Processes controlling 234U and 238U isotope fractionation and helium in the groundwater of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec: The potential role of natural rock fracturing ». Applied Geochemistry, 66, pp. 198-209.

Saby, Marion; Larocque, Marie; Pinti, Daniele L.; Barbecot, Florent; Sano, Yuji et Castro, Maria Clara (2016). « Linking groundwater quality to residence times and regional geology in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, southern Quebec, Canada ». Applied Geochemistry, 65, pp. 1-13.

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