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Côté, Pascal; Tittler, Rebecca; Messier, Christian; Kneeshaw, D.D.; Fall, Andrew et Fortin, Marie-Josée (2010). « Comparing different forest zoning options for landscape-scale management of boreal forest: Possible benefits of the TRIAD ». Forest Ecology and Management, 259, pp. 418-427.

Messier, Christian; Tittler, Rebecca; Kneeshaw, D.D.; Gélinas, Nancy; Paquette, Alain; Berninger, Kati; Rheault, H.; Meek, P. et Beaulieu, N. (2009). « TRIAD zoning in Quebec: Experiences and results after 5 years ». The Forestry Chronicle, 85, pp. 885-896.

Greene, D.F.; Kneeshaw, D.D.; Messier, C.; Lieffers, V.; Cormier, D.; Doucet, R.; Coates, K.D.; Groot, A.; Grover, G. et Calogeropoulos, C. (2002). « Modelling silvicultural alternatives for conifer regeneration in boreal mixedwood stands (aspen/white spruce/balsam fir) ». The Forestry Chronicle, 78(2), pp. 281-295.

Kneeshaw, D.D.; Williams, H.; Nikinmaa, E. et Messier, C. (2002). « Patterns of above- and below-ground response of understory conifer release 6 years after partial cutting ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 32, pp. 255-265.

Kneeshaw, D.D.; Leduc, A.; Drapeau, P.; Gauthier, S.; Paré, D.; Carignan, R.; Doucet, R.; Bouthillier, L. et Messier, C. (2000). « Development of integrated ecological standards of sustainable forest management at an operational scale ». The Forestry Chronicle, 76(3), pp. 481-493.

Williams, H.; Messier, C. et Kneeshaw, D.D. (1999). « Effects of light availability and sapling size on the growth and crown morphology of understory Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 29, pp. 222-231.

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