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Article de revue scientifique

Marshall-Denton, Rhea; Véronneau, Marie-Hélène et J. Dishion, Thomas (2016). « Brief report: A confirmatory approach to the validation of the peer group norm questionnaire ». Journal of Adolescence, 50, pp. 16-21.

Véronneau, Marie-Hélène; J. Dishion, Thomas; M. Connell, Arin et Kavanagh, Kathryn (2016). « A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Family Check-Up Model in Public Secondary Schools: Examining Links between Parent Engagement and Substance Use Progressions From Early Adolescence to Adulthood ». Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 84(6), pp. 526-543.

Amanda, Chiapa; Parra Morris, Georgina; Véronneau, Marie-Hélène et J. Dishion, Thomas (2016). « Translational research on parenting of adolescents: Linking theory to valid observation measures for family centered prevention and treatment ». Translational behavioral medicine, 6(1), pp. 90-104.

Véronneau, Marie-Hélène; Hiatt Racer, Kristina; M. Fosco, Gregory et J. Dishion, Thomas (2013). « The Contribution of Adolescent Effortful Control to Early Adult Educational Attainment ». Journal of Educational Psychology, 106(3), pp. 730-743.

J. Boyd-Ball, Alison; Véronneau, Marie-Hélène; J. Dishion, Thomas et Kavanagh, Kate (2013). « Monitoring and Peer Influences as Predictors of Increases in Alcohol Use Among American Indian Youth ». Prevention Science, 15(4), pp. 526-535.

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