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Article de revue scientifique

Cangelosi, A. et Harnad, S. (2001). « The Adaptive Advantage of Symbolic Theft Over Sensorimotor Toil: Grounding Language in Perceptual Categories ». Evolution of Communication, 4(1).

Harnad, S. (2001). « Creative disagreement ». The Sciences, 19, pp. 18-20.

Andrews, J.; Livingston, K. et Harnad, S. (1998). « Categorical Perception Effects Induced by Category Learning. ». Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 24(3), pp. 164732-753.

Harnad, S. (1994). « The Convergence Argument in Mind-Modelling: Scaling Up from Toyland to the Total Turing Test ». Cognoscenti: Bulletin of the Toronto Cognitive Science Society, 2, pp. 35-39.

Hayes, P.; Harnad, S.; Perlis, D. et Block, N. (1992). « Virtual Symposium on Virtual Mind ». Minds and Machines, 2(3), pp. 217-238.

Harnad, S. (1990). « Lost in the hermeneutic hall of mirrors ». Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 2, pp. 321-327.

Harnad, S. (1990). « Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry ». Psychological Science, 1, pp. 342-343.

Harnad, S. (1990). « Symbols and Nets: Cooperation vs. Competition ». Connection Science, 2, pp. 455-456.

Harnad, S. (1985). « Hebb, D.O. - Father of Cognitive Psychobiology 1904-1985 ». Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 8(4), p. 765.

Harnad, S.; Hanson, S.J. et Lubin, J. (1982). « Categorical Perception and the Evolution of Supervised Learning in Neural Nets ». Cognition and Brain Theory, 5, pp. 29-47.

Harnad, S. (1982). « Consciousness: An Afterthought ». Cognition and Brain Theory, 5, pp. 29-47.

Communication, article de congrès ou colloque

Tijsseling, A. et Harnad, S. (1997). « Warping Similarity Space in Category Learning by Backprop Nets », dans SimCat 1997 (Interdisciplinary Workshop on Similarity and Categorization, Edinbourgh, 1997), sous la dir. de Ramscar, M; Hahn, U; Cambouropolos, E et Pain, H. pp. 263-269.

Pevtzow, R. et Harnad, S. (1997). « Warping Similarity Space in Category Learning by Human Subjects: The Role of Task Difficulty », dans Proceedings of SimCat 1997 (Interdisciplinary Workshop on Similarity andCategorization, Edinbourgh), sous la dir. de Ramscar, H.; Hahn, U,; Cambouropolos, E. et Pain, H. pp. 189-195.

Chapitre de livre

Light, P.; Light, V.; Nesbitt, E. et Harnad, S. (2000). « CMC as a support for course related discussion in a campus university setting », dans Rethinking Collaborative Learning, sous la dir. de Joiner, R.. Londres, Routledge.

Harnad, S. et Hemus, M. (1997). « All Or None: No Stable Hybrid or Half-Way Solutions for Launching the Learned Periodical Literature into the PostGutenberg Galaxy », dans The Impact of Electronic Publishing on the Academic Community, sous la dir. de Butterworth, I.. London, Portland Press, pp. 18-27.

Harnad, S. (1982). « Metaphor and Mental Duality », dans Language, mind and brain, sous la dir. de Simon, T. et Scholes, R.. New Jersey, Erlbaum, pp. 189-211.

Harnad, S. (1980). « Biographical entry for A. Montagu », dans International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Etats-Unis, Aslib/IMI, pp. 535-536.

Steklis, H. D. et Harnad, S. (1976). « From hand to mouth: Some critical stages in the evolution of language », dans Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech, sous la dir. de Harnad, S.; Lancaster, J. B. et Steklis, H. D.. New York, New York Academy of Sciences, coll. «Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences », no 280, pp. 445-455.

Compte rendu

Hitchcock, S.; Carr, L.; Jiao, Z.; Bergmark, D.; Hall, W.; Lagoze, C. et Harnad, S. (1994). Developing services for open eprint archives: globalisation, integration and the impact of links, dans Journal of Consciousness Studies, vol. 1, pp. 164-167.


Gargouri, Y.; Larivière, V.; Gingras, Y.; Brody, T.; Carr, L. et Harnad, S. (2012). « Testing the Finch Hypothesis on Green OA Mandate Ineffectiveness ». Conference, Open Access Week 2012, University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada, 23 octobre 2012.

Article de revue culturelle

Duranceau, E. et Harnad, S. (1999). « Electronic Journal Forum: Resetting Our Intuition Pumps for the Online-Only Era: AConversation With Stevan Harnad. ». Serials Review, 25(1), pp. 109-115.

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