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Article de revue scientifique

Côté, Pascal; Tittler, Rebecca; Messier, Christian; Kneeshaw, D.D.; Fall, Andrew et Fortin, Marie-Josée (2010). « Comparing different forest zoning options for landscape-scale management of boreal forest: Possible benefits of the TRIAD ». Forest Ecology and Management, 259, pp. 418-427.

Papaik, Michael J.; Fall, Andrew; Sturtevant, Brian; Kneeshaw, Daniel; Messier, Christian; Fortin, Marie-Josée et Simon, Neal (2010). « Forest processes from stands to landscapes: exploring model forecast uncertainties using cross-scale model comparison ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 40, pp. 2345-2359.

James, Patrick M. A.; Fortin, Marie-Josée; Fall, Andrew; Kneeshaw, Dan et Messier, Christian (2007). « The effects of spatial legacies following shifting management practices and fire on boreal forest age structure ». Ecosystems, 10, pp. 1261-1277.

Sturtevant, Brian R.; Fall, Andrew; Kneeshaw, Daniel D.; Simon, Neal P.P.; Papaik, Michael J.; Berninger, Kati; Doyon, Frédérik; Morgan, Don D. et Messier, Christian (2007). « A toolkit modeling approach for sustainable forest management planning: Achieving balance between science and local needs ». Ecology and Society, 12, p. 7.

Fall, Andrew; Fortin, Marie-Josée; Kneeshaw, Daniel D.; Yamasaki, Stephen H.; Messier, Christian; Bouthilier, Luc et Smyth, Cheryl (2004). « Consequences of various landscape-scale ecosystem management strategies and fire cycles on age-class structure and harvest in boreal forests ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 34, pp. 310-322.

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