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Sinclair, Isabelle; St-Pierre, Myriane; Elgbeili, Guillaume; Bernard, Paquito; Vaillancourt, Cathy; Gagnon, Sonia et Dancause, Kelsey Needham (2019). « Psychosocial Stress, Sedentary Behavior, and Physical Activity during Pregnancy among Canadian Women: Relationships in a Diverse Cohort and a Nationwide Sample ». International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(24), p. 5150.

St-Pierre, Myriane; Sinclair, Isabelle; Elgbeili, Guillaume; Bernard, Paquito et Dancause, Kelsey Needham (2019). « Relationships between psychological distress and health behaviors among Canadian adults: Differences based on gender, income, education, immigrant status, and ethnicity ». SSM - Population Health, 7, p. 100385.

Bernard, Paquito; Romain, Ahmed-Jérôme; Caudroit, Johan; Chevance, Guillaume; Carayol, Marion; Gourlan, M; Dancause, Kelsey Needham et Moullec, Gregory (2018). « Cognitive Behavior Therapy combined with Exercise for Adults with Chronic Diseases: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis ». Health Psyhcology.

Buffa, Giavana; Dahan, Salomé; Sinclair, Isabelle; St-Pierre, Myriane; Roofigari, Noushin; Mutran, Dima; Rondeau, Jean-Jacques et Dancause, Kelsey Needham (2018). « Prenatal stress and child development: A scoping review of research in low- and middle-income countries ». PLOS ONE, 13(12), e0207235.

Gilbert, Monique; Chaubet, Philippe; Karelis, Antony et Dancause, Kelsey Needham (2017). « Perceptions of group exercise courses and instructors among Quebec adults ». BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 3(1), e000278.

Dancause, Kelsey Needham; Vilar, Miguel; Wilson, Michelle; Soloway, Laura E.; DeHuff, Christa; Chan, Chim; Tarivonda, Len; Regenvanu, Ralph; Kaneko, Akira; Lum, J. Koji et Garruto, Ralph M. (2013). « Behavioral risk factors for obesity during health transition in Vanuatu, South Pacific ». Obesity, 21(1), E98-E104.

Dancause, Kelsey Needham; Vilar, Miguel G.; Steffy, Rlene et Lum, J. Koji (2011). « Characterizing Genetic Diversity of Contemporary Pacific Chickens Using Mitochondrial DNA Analyses ». PLoS ONE, 6(2), e16843.

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