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Article de revue scientifique

Claveau, Yves; Comeau, Philip G.; Messier, Christian et Kelly, Colin P. (2006). « Early above- and below-ground responses of subboreal conifer seedlings to various levels of deciduous canopy removal ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 36, pp. 1891-1899.

Gendron, Fidji; Messier, Christian; Lo, Ernest et Comeau, Philip G. (2006). « The angular distribution of diffuse photosynthetically active radiation under different sky conditions in the open and within deciduous and conifer forest stands of Quebec and British Columbia, Canada ». Annals of Forest Science, 63, pp. 43-53.

Claveau, Yves; Messier, Christian et Comeau, Philip G. (2005). « Interacting influence of light and size on aboveground biomass distribution in sub-boreal conifer sapling with contrasting shade tolerance ». Tree physiology, 25, pp. 373-384.

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