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Article de revue scientifique

Ligot, Gauthier; Ameztegui, Aitor; Coll, Lluis et Kneeshaw, Daniel D. (2016). « Tree light capture and spatial variability of understory light increase with species mixing and tree size heterogeneity. ». Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Coll, Lluis; Schneider, Robert; Berninger, Frank; Domenicano, Susy et Messier, Christian (2011). « Quantifying the effect of nitrogen-induced physiological and structural changes on poplar growth using a carbon-balance model ». Tree Physiology, 31, pp. 381-390.

Messier, Christian; Coll, Lluis; Poitras-Larivière, Amélie; Bélanger, Nicolas et Brisson, Jacques (2009). « Resource and non-resource root competition among trees of different successional status ». Journal of Ecology, 97, pp. 548-554.

Delagrange, Sylvain; Potvin, Catherine; Messier, Christian et Coll, Lluis (2008). « Linking multiple-level tree traits with biomass accumulation in native tree species used for reforestation in Panama ». Trees, 22, pp. 337-349.

Coll, Lluis; Potvin, Catherine; Messier, Christian et Delagrange, Sylvain (2008). « Root architecture and allocation patterns of eight native tropical species with different successional status used in open-grown mixed plantations in Panama ». Trees, 22, pp. 585-596.

Coll, Lluis; Messier, Christian; Delagrange, Sylvain et Berninger, Frank (2007). « Growth, allocation and leaf gas exchanges of hybrid poplar plants in their establishment phase on previously forested sites: effect of different vegetation management techniques ». Annals of Forest Science, 64, pp. 275-285.

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