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Doucerain, Marina M.; Ryder, Andrew G. et Amiot, Catherine E. (2021). « What Are Friends for in Russia Versus Canada?: An Approach for Documenting Cross-Cultural Differences ». Cross-Cultural Research, pp. 1-28.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Amiot, Catherine E. et Ryder, Andrew G. (2021). « Balancing out bonding and bridging capital: Social network correlates of multicultural identity configurations among Russian migrants to Canada ». Self and Identity.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Amiot, Catherine E.; Thomas, Emma F. et Louis, Winnifred R. (2018). « What it means to be American: Identity inclusiveness/exclusiveness and support for policies about muslims among U.S.-born Whites ». Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 17(1), pp. 1-20.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Benkirane, Sarah; Ryder, Andrew G. et Amiot, Catherine E. (2018). « Being a droog vs. being a friend: A qualitative investigation of friendship models in Russia vs. Canada ». Russian Psychological Journal, 15(2/1), pp. 19-37.

Amiot, Catherine E.; Doucerain, Marina M.; Zhou, Biru et Ryder, Andrew G. (2018). « Cultural identity dynamics: Capturing changes in cultural identities over time and their intraindividual organization ». European Journal of Social Psychology, 48(5), pp. 629-644.

Doucerain, Marina M.; Deschênes, Sonya S.; Gouin, Jean-Philippe; Amiot, Catherine E. et Ryder, Andrew G. (2017). « Initial Mainstream Cultural Orientations Predict Early Social Participation in the Mainstream Cultural Group ». Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43(2), pp. 245-258.

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