Reexamination of the State of the Art of Cloud Modeling Shows Real Improvements

Muhlbauer, Andreas; Grabowski, Wojciech W.; Malinowski, Szymon P.; Ackerman, Thomas P.; Bryan, George H.; Lebo, Zachary J.; Milbrandt, Jason A.; Morrison, Hugh; Ovchinnikov, Mikhail; Tessendorf, Sarah; Thériault, Julie M. et Thompson, Greg (2013). « Reexamination of the State of the Art of Cloud Modeling Shows Real Improvements ». Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 94(5), ES45-ES48.

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The Eighth International Cloud Modeling Workshop took place during 23-27 July, 2012 in Poland. The workshop, hosted by the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Warsaw, was organized by Szymon Malinowski and his local team of students and cochaired by Wojciech Grabowski (NCAR MMM) and Andreas Muhlbauer of the University of Washington. Several scientists contributed to the workshop by setting up five observationally based case studies covering a wide range of cloud types. The results of numerous numerical techniques, including traditional 1D bin microphysics, 2D bin microphysics, Lagrangian microphysics, the super-droplet method, and bulk model representations using the kinematic modeling framework were presented at the meeting. Presentations and discussions during the workshop provided insight into the current status of cloud modeling and allowed participants to understand current research interests of the international cloud modeling community.

Type: Article de revue scientifique
Mots-clés ou Sujets: Bin microphysics, Cloud modeling, Current status, Kinematic modeling, Numerical techniques, Research interests, State of the art
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