Chomsky's Universe

Harnad, Stevan (2014). « Chomsky's Universe ». Prépublication. (UQAM).

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Why is Noam Chomsky such a towering figure in linguistics today? He asked a very simple question that no one had ever asked before, and then discovered that the answer was unexpected and highly complicated. He asked what capacity a language user needed to have in order to be able to learn to use a language (any language) grammatically. This uniquely human capacity to learn language turned out to be universal, yet unfamilar: it was the very same capacity in every person, for every possible language, but the rules of this “universal grammar” (UG) bore very little resemblance to the rules of ordinary grammar that were already known. By far the biggest surprise, however, was that the rules of UG are unlearnable by trial and error induction, based on what the language-learning child says and hears, unless most of the rules are already inborn.

Type: Prépublication
Mots-clés ou Sujets: Grammaire universelle, Chomsky, langage, apprentissage
Unité d'appartenance: Faculté des sciences humaines > Département de psychologie
Déposé par: Stevan Harnad
Date de dépôt: 26 nov. 2014 13:57
Dernière modification: 26 nov. 2014 13:57
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