Energy R&D Policy in Canada

Gingras, Yves et Rivard, Jacques (1988). « Energy R&D Policy in Canada ». Science and Public Policy, 15(1), pp. 35-42.

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As a result of the energy crisis of 1973, Canada formed an Interdepartmental Panel on Energy R&D in January 1974 to coordinate federal activities. With the objectives of diversification and self-sufficiency, the Panel would distribute funds to bring about a greater equilibrium in energy R&D. Initially this had the effect of reducing the share taken by nuclear energy but the budget cuts of 1984/5 reversed this trend. On a provincial level the situation is more difficult because each province relies on its own resources, such as oil sands in Alberta. The Panel has suffered from trying to coordinate the activities of a number of autonomous departments: being entrenched in the governmental structure it has also been more susceptible to financial cuts.

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