A QoS mapping rule builder

Nguyen, Kim-Khoa; Kerhervé, Brigitte et Jaumard, Brigitte (2006). « A QoS mapping rule builder », dans Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (IEEE CCECE 2006) (Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (IEEE CCECE 2006), Ottawa Canada, 7-10 Mai 2006)

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Although many QoS management architectures have been recently introduced with a lot of advanced features, they have never been widely used in the existing applications due to the lack of interoperation between providers and users, or between network operators. One of the main issues is the heterogeneity of QoS information coming from different sources: clients, communication networks, servers, data .etc. In the context of Quality-Driven Delivery (QDD) referring to the ability of a system to deliver data objects while considering the end-users expectations, all components of a distributed multimedia system have to contribute to satisfy users requirements. The mapping activity is therefore essential for dealing with the variety of QoS information of these components. In this paper, we propose an approach aimed at creating QoS mapping rules using statistical data analysis and data mining techniques combined with monitoring tools. The automatic generation of QoS mapping rules allows adapting the QoS management architectures to different environments as well as different classes of users.

Type: Communication, article de congrès ou colloque
Mots-clés ou Sujets: QoS mapping, QoS information, Quality-Driven Delivery (QDD), Quality of Service (QoS)
Unité d'appartenance: Faculté des sciences > Département d'informatique
Déposé par: Brigitte Kerhervé
Date de dépôt: 23 mai 2007
Dernière modification: 01 nov. 2014 02:03
Adresse URL : http://archipel.uqam.ca/id/eprint/46


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