Simulated precision grasping in Parkinson’s Disease.

Frak, Victor; Cohen, Henri et Pourcher, Emmanuelle (2004). « Simulated precision grasping in Parkinson’s Disease. », dans Mental Dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease., sous la dir. de Korczyn, A.D.. Turin, Italy., A.D. Korczyn, D. Calne, and O. Hornykiewicz (Eds.), : Medimond., pp. 21-26.

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Subcortical lesions have been simultaneously implicated in both real and simulated movement deficits, suggesting that as with frontal le- sions, self action representation and programmation are the same process. We have analyzed the simulated precision grasping in subjects with idiopathic bilateral PD compared to a healthy control group. Re- sults showed that individuals with PD are impaired in the mental rep- resentation of a grasp orientation but are still capable of normally ex- ecuting this movement. These observations reveal that programmation and execution of movements is spared and that motor representation is selectively impaired. Thus, programmation of real acts and representa- tion of motor action are distinct processes.

Type: Chapitre de livre
Mots-clés ou Sujets: Parkinson's Disease. Motor simulation.
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Déposé par: Victor Frak
Date de dépôt: 16 mars 2012 12:51
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