The area wide real-time traffic control (ARTC) system : the logical structure and computational algorithms

Wang, Guan (2006). « The area wide real-time traffic control (ARTC) system : the logical structure and computational algorithms » Mémoire. Montréal (Québec, Canada), Université du Québec à Montréal, Maîtrise en informatique.

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With the high development of Chinese economy, the number of automobiles rises sharply. In order to let more vehicles pass the limited roads successfully, The Aerawide Real-Time Traffic Control CARTC) System cornes up. Although ARTC has been studied for many years in foreign countries, its study is still in the embryonic stage in China. After investigating, we discovered that system just recently. Only some simple Intelligent transport control has been realized in quite a few cities However, in many large and middle cities, Intelligent transport control is still in a research period. We had been thinking about this research from juniors. We spent one year doing large quantity of social examination, investigating some roads personally and inquiring a lot of material from Internet and library. On the basis of this, we made the road sate model. Several typical states are represented on this model, so it is definitely representative. We chose the comparatively simple and easily operated green wave control. One computer controls six PLC. Long-range control is realized by dialing online the modulator-demodulator. We adopted some basic vague control thought, meanwhile, combined with actual circumstances, and designed a set of practical control algorithm. We mainly used VB6.0 and PLC programmed software from OMRON Company. In the end, we completed the control program of both the upper and lower bit machine. Of course, there are many immature and imperfect aspects in our design, I hope to get guidance and help from all people. ______________________________________________________________________________ MOTS-CLÉS DE L’AUTEUR : ARTC (Aerawide Real-Time Traffic Control), PLC (Programmable Logic Contrllor), ITS (Intelligent Traffic System)

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