Protein Supramolecular Structures: From Self-Assembly to Nanovaccine Design

Zottig, Ximena; Côté-Cyr, Mélanie; Arpin, Dominic; Archambault, Denis et Bourgault, Steve (2020). « Protein Supramolecular Structures: From Self-Assembly to Nanovaccine Design ». Nanomaterials, 10(5), 1008 -1036.

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Life-inspired protein supramolecular assemblies have recently attracted considerable attention for the development of next-generation vaccines to fight against infectious diseases, as well as autoimmune diseases and cancer. Protein self-assembly enables atomic scale precision over the final architecture, with a remarkable diversity of structures and functionalities. Self-assembling protein nanovaccines are associated with numerous advantages, including biocompatibility, stability, molecular specificity and multivalency. Owing to their nanoscale size, proteinaceous nature, symmetrical organization and repetitive antigen display, protein assemblies closely mimic most invading pathogens, serving as danger signals for the immune system. Elucidating how the structural and physicochemical properties of the assemblies modulate the potency and the polarization of the immune responses is critical for bottom-up design of vaccines. In this context, this review briefly covers the fundamentals of supramolecular interactions involved in protein self-assembly and presents the strategies to design and functionalize these assemblies. Examples of advanced nanovaccines are presented, and properties of protein supramolecular structures enabling modulation of the immune responses are discussed. Combining the understanding of the self-assembly process at the molecular level with knowledge regarding the activation of the innate and adaptive immune responses will support the design of safe and effective nanovaccines.

Type: Article de revue scientifique
Mots-clés ou Sujets: self-assembly; vaccine; supramolecular structure; nanovaccine; nanoassemblies; immune response; adjuvant; protein
Unité d'appartenance: Faculté des sciences > Département de chimie
Déposé par: Steve Bourgault
Date de dépôt: 06 juill. 2020 10:17
Dernière modification: 06 juill. 2020 10:17
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