A direct role for murine Cdx proteins in the trunk neural crest gene regulatory network

Sanchez-Ferras, Oraly; Bernas, Guillaume; Farnos, Omar; Touré, Aboubacrine M.; Souchkova, Ouliana et Pilon, Nicolas (2016). « A direct role for murine Cdx proteins in the trunk neural crest gene regulatory network ». Development, 143(8), pp. 1363-1374.

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Numerous studies in chordates and arthropods currently indicate that Cdx proteins have a major ancestral role in the organization of posthead tissues. In urochordate embryos, Cdx loss-of-function has been shown to impair axial elongation, neural tube (NT) closure and pigment cell development. Intriguingly, in contrast to axial elongation and NT closure, a Cdx role in neural crest (NC)-derived melanocyte/ pigment cell development has not been reported in any other chordate species. To address this, we generated a new conditional pan-Cdx functional knockdown mouse model that circumvents Cdx functional redundancy as well as the early embryonic lethality of Cdx mutants. Through directed inhibition in the neuroectoderm, we provide in vivo evidence that murine Cdx proteins impact melanocyte and enteric nervous system development by, at least in part, directly controlling the expression of the key early regulators of NC ontogenesis Pax3, Msx1 and Foxd3. Our work thus reveals a novel role for Cdx proteins at the top of the trunk NC gene regulatory network in the mouse, which appears to have been inherited from their ancestral ortholog.

Type: Article de revue scientifique
Mots-clés ou Sujets: Cdx, Neural crest, Gene regulatory network, Melanocyte, Peripheral nervous system, Enteric nervous system
Unité d'appartenance: Centres institutionnels > Centre de recherches biomédicales (BIOMED)
Faculté des sciences > Département des sciences biologiques
Déposé par: Jean-Jacques Rondeau
Date de dépôt: 07 janv. 2019 15:35
Dernière modification: 07 janv. 2019 15:35
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