Manual action verbs modulate the grip force of each hand in unimanual or symmetrical bimanual tasks

Da Silva, Ronaldo; Labrecque, David; Caromano, Fatima; Higgins, Johanne et Frak, Victor (2018). « Manual action verbs modulate the grip force of each hand in unimanual or symmetrical bimanual tasks ». PLoS ONE, 13(2).

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Manual action verbs modulate the right-hand grip force in right-handed subjects. However, to our knowledge, no studies demonstrate the ability to accomplish this modulation during bimanual tasks nor describe their effect on left-hand behavior in unimanual and bimanual tasks. Using load cells and word playlists, we evaluated the occurrence of grip force modulation by manual action verbs in unimanual and symmetrical bimanual tasks across the three auditory processing phases. We found a significant grip force increase for all conditions compared to baseline, indicating the occurrence of modulation. When compared to each other, the grip force variation from baseline for the three phases of both hands in the symmetrical bimanual task was not different from the right-hand in the unimanual task. The left-hand grip force showed a lower amplitude for auditory phases 1 and 2 when compared to the other conditions. The right-hand grip force modulation became significant from baseline at 220 ms after the word onset in the unimanual task. This moment occurred earlier for both hands in bimanual task (160 ms for the right-hand and 180 for the left-hand). It occurred later for the left-hand in unimanual task (320 ms). We discuss the hypothesis that Broca’s area and Broca’s homologue area likely control the left-hand modulation in a unilateral or a bilateral fashion. These results provide new evidence for understanding the linguistic function processing in both hemispheres.

Type: Article de revue scientifique
Mots-clés ou Sujets: Language; Motor Systems; Action Simulation; Embodied Semantics
Unité d'appartenance: Faculté des sciences
Déposé par: Victor Frak
Date de dépôt: 26 févr. 2018 09:17
Dernière modification: 26 févr. 2018 09:17
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