Evaluating the Ability of CRCM5 to Simulate Mixed Precipitation

Bresson, É.; Laprise, R.; Paquin, D.; Thériault, J.M. et de Elía, R. (2017). « Evaluating the Ability of CRCM5 to Simulate Mixed Precipitation ». Atmosphere-Ocean, 55(2), pp. 79-93.

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Precipitation episodes in the form of freezing rain and ice pellets represent natural hazards affecting eastern Canada during the cold season. These types of precipitation mainly occur in the St. Lawrence River valley and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. This study aims to evaluate the ability of the fifth-generation Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5), using a 0.11° horizontal grid mesh, to hindcast mixed precipitation when driven by reanalyses produced by the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ERA-Interim) for a 35-year period. In general, the CRCM5 simulation slightly overestimates the occurrence of freezing rain, but the geographical distribution is well reproduced. The duration of freezing rain events and accompanying surface winds in the Montréal region are reproduced by CRCM5. A case study is performed for an especially catastrophic freezing-rain event in January 1998; the model succeeds in simulating the intensity and duration of the episode, as well as the propitious meteorological environment. Overall, the model is also able to reproduce the climatology and a specific event of freezing rain and ice pellets.

Type: Article de revue scientifique
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Mots-clés ou Sujets: regional climate model, mixed precipitation, freezing rain, ice pellets, high-resolution, eastern Canada
Unité d'appartenance: Centres institutionnels > Centre pour l'étude et la simulation du climat à l'échelle régionale (ESCER)
Faculté des sciences > Département des sciences de la Terre et de l'atmosphère
Déposé par: René Laprise
Date de dépôt: 06 oct. 2017 08:05
Dernière modification: 28 févr. 2019 14:42
Adresse URL : http://archipel.uqam.ca/id/eprint/10501


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