The Greco-Roman Heritage and Image Construction in Iceland 1830-1918

Glad, Clarence E. (2011). « The Greco-Roman Heritage and Image Construction in Iceland 1830-1918 », dans Iceland and Images of the North, sous la dir. de Isleifsson, Sumarlidi R. et Chartier, Daniel. Québec, Presses de l'Université du Québec, coll. «Droit au pôle », pp. 67-113.

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Neo-humanistic classical education formed the core of secondary education for the Icelandic elite throughout the 19th century. Classical texts of the Greco-Roman heritage were utilized to instill civic virtues and establish bonds of friendship among future leaders of the Icelandic nation. These texts helped to shape the self-image of Icelanders as inhabitants of a country which was part of the Danish monarchy but which had ties both to a European classical culture and to a Nordic one. Students were given the keys to unlock edifying classical literature through intensive training in Latin and Greek. The teaching methods in the school at Bessasta!ir, in particular, contributed to the renewal of the Icelandic language and contributed to the emerging cultural nationalism in Iceland, which included elements from the classical, Christian, and Nordic heritage. Although several authors integrated elements of this disparate heritage in their discourse on Icelandic nationality, it had negligible impact in the field of political nationalism at first; however, it laid the foundation of a Hellenic discourse, which had substantial impact on the self-identity of Icelanders and eventually influenced the political project of nation-building.

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