The NAFTA and the softwood lumber dispute : what kind of Canada-US partnership?

Gagné, Gilbert (2002). « The NAFTA and the softwood lumber dispute : what kind of Canada-US partnership? ». Chroniques des Amériques, 2.

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The notion of partnership has imposed itself within the past few years in international relations and international political economy. Although this is a rather ambiguous concept that may apply to a wide variety of relationships between different actors, it is often used to refer to existing relations between the three countries parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, this has not entailed that relations between NAFTA partners have been devoid of conflicts or tensions. Among the conflicts that have characterized trade exchanges between Canada and the United States, the dispute over the Canadian exports of softwood lumber to the United States has proved the most important in terms of trade volumes, complexity, procedures, politicization, and duration. Superlatives abound when referring to the Softwood Lumber dispute, "the largest trading dispute in the largest trading relationship in the world." Now that in 2002 the Canadian-US Softwood Lumber dispute has never attracted so much attention, I wish to provide a concise summary of the essential of this long-running dispute, while drawing key conclusions on the basis and conditions for the Canadian-US partnership.

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