Consumers' attitudes and responses toward Internet advertising : the case of Lebanon

Massoud, Gilbert (2004). « Consumers' attitudes and responses toward Internet advertising : the case of Lebanon » Mémoire. Montréal (Québec, Canada), Université du Québec à Montréal, Maîtrise en administration des affaires.

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With the tremendous growth that the Internet has been exhibiting during the last few years all around the world, marketers have started to use this new medium as a means to reach target audiences and as a tool to broadcast advertisements and communicate messages to consumers. As a result, a new type of advertising was born : "Internet advertising". Despite the fact that Internet advertising provides numerous benefits to the public and possesses several distinctive properties and advantages over the other forms of advertising, it was interesting to find out whether the consumers themselves, specifically whether the consumers living in Lebanon, had positive or negative attitudes toward this new type of advertising. More precisely, it was interesting to answer questions such as : Do consumers in Lebanon like Internet advertising? Do they attend to it? Do they have confidence in it? What is their reaction to it? How do they perceive the Internet advertising medium and where does this medium stand in their opinion as compared to the traditional advertising media tools? This research project is an attempt to find answers to all of the above questions. Indeed, the main objective sought through out this project is to examine and measure the attitudes and responses of the consumers in Lebanon toward Internet advertising. Several phases had to be completed throughout this project in order to achieve this objective. As a matter of fact, a theoretical part providing information about the Internet, Internet advertising, the Internet as compared to other advertising media tools and the Internet market in Lebanon was first executed. After that, the research questions that we wanted to answer thanks to this study that we intended to test through this research were formulated. Next, a questionnaire was developed and a survey was conducted according to the judgmental sampling technique on 255 students who were of course Internet users and who were pursuing university at four different universities. Out of the 255 questionnaires that were filled, 25 turned out to be unusable either because they were incornplete or because they were improperly filled, thus leaving us with 230 questionnaires that we were able to include in our study. The data gathered out of those 230 questionnaires were statistically analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software. Finally findings, inferences, recommendations and limitations were reported.

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